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What is ImproLab Maastricht?

ImproLab is a project based upon the simple idea of bringing together emerging young talents from different fields (music, theatre, fine arts, dance, etc).  The idea revolves around the creativity that improvisation offers: the participants are inspired by each other and free to ‘bring in’ their own creativity, actions and reactions in a unique ‘unpredictable’ performance.

The project is created for young talented performers between 18-30 years old. This young generation embeds the feeling of Inkeer, ommekeer, bekering better then everyone else.

Thanks to the creativity that improvisation offers, the performer shares her/his personal experience and emotions to respond to that given moment. The performer is basically an open book; her/his pages are filled through the different inputs and interactions with other performers and disciplines. The result is always a surprise.

ImproLab is a triggering experience that highlights the beauty of creativity; a unique opportunity to attend a story that has not been written yet.

ImproLab performance will take place at Ainsi Saturday 14th at 18.30 p.m

Entrance 8 Euros.