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The idea:
ImproLab is a project based upon the simple idea of bringing together emerging young talents from different fields (music, theatre, fine arts, dance, etc).  The idea revolves around the creativity that improvisation offers: the participants are inspired by each other and free to ‘bring in’ their own creativity, actions and reactions in a unique ‘unpredictable’ performance.

The project is created for young talented performers between 18-30 years old willing to experience the world of improvisation.  This young generation embeds the feeling of Inkeer, ommekeer, bekering better then everyone else.

Thanks to the creativity that improvisation offers, the performer shares her/his personal experience and emotions to respond to that given moment. The performer is basically an open book; her/his pages are filled through the different inputs and interactions with other performers and disciplines. The result is always a surprise.
ImproLab is a triggering experience that highlights the beauty of creativity; a unique opportunity to attend a story that has not been written yet.

ImproLab is an idea of Jessica Capra, that developed in an fulfilling experience for the participant and an enjoyable and new performance for the audience; thanks also to the hard work of wonderful professionals: Joan-Ditte Steffers, Yvette van der Slik and Roderik Povel.


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