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ImproLab: the first story has been written!


Thanks to all the people who made ImproLab Maastricht a wonderful workshop and enjoyable and inspiring performance!

Anouk, Kiran, Lea, Edoardo, Ami, Tim, Kamile, Aalex, Moses, Jo-An, Joan-Ditte, Yvette, Roderik, Aline & Monia! Well done!

Thanks to the Musica Sacra Team & Fons Dejong that believed in this qualitative, innovative project and included it in their program.


For whom is ImproLab ?

Are you an enthusiastic dancer, actor, musician or a singer between 18 and 30 year old? Willing to learn and be part of an interdisciplinary improvisation performance? 

ImproLab is the project for you!

Participating at ImproLab you will have the chance to:

  • Attend a workshop made by inspiring teachers, that will guide in the magic world of improvisation and explore the theme of Inkeer, ommekeer, bekering(Changing directions, conversion and feeling of not be sure about the choice you made in life).
  • Jump into the different worlds of the improvisation and learn new things
  • Working together with an interdisciplinary group of inspiring artists
  • Merge and write together your stories and show it the same day.

A unique occasion to improve and learn new skills, be enriched by other professionals and create together something that does not exist yet.

Do you want to register at/ be part of this triggering project? Send us an email:

Click here if you want to see the project in details!

Workshop fee: 25 Euros (lunch included)

What is ImproLab Maastricht?

ImproLab is a project based upon the simple idea of bringing together emerging young talents from different fields (music, theatre, fine arts, dance, etc).  The idea revolves around the creativity that improvisation offers: the participants are inspired by each other and free to ‘bring in’ their own creativity, actions and reactions in a unique ‘unpredictable’ performance.

The project is created for young talented performers between 18-30 years old. This young generation embeds the feeling of Inkeer, ommekeer, bekering better then everyone else.

Thanks to the creativity that improvisation offers, the performer shares her/his personal experience and emotions to respond to that given moment. The performer is basically an open book; her/his pages are filled through the different inputs and interactions with other performers and disciplines. The result is always a surprise.

ImproLab is a triggering experience that highlights the beauty of creativity; a unique opportunity to attend a story that has not been written yet.

ImproLab performance will take place at Ainsi Saturday 14th at 18.30 p.m

Entrance 8 Euros.