ImproLab Structure

The structure:
Due to the fact the improvisation is not improvised but it ‘follows’ the rules of the nature, the project is designed as one-day workshop divided in three phases.

Workshop: From 9.00 till 10.30
Warm up in the different disciplines, getting ready for work and learn!

Working together on Improvisation  10.30-18.00
Development of an interdisciplinary improvisation. Creativity and listening are the keywords.

Performance 18.30
In the evening, the participants present their improvisation in front of an audience and so immediately put their lessons into practice.

The teachers:
The professional teachers chosen for this project are renowned in both national and international scene.

Dance, drama, music and visual art teachers bring in their own input and cultivate the skills of the young participants.

Roderik Povel

Joan-Ditte Steffers
(professor at Toneelacademy Maastricht)

Yvette van der Slik

We are looking forward to talented dancers, actors, musicians, singer that are willing to participate in the ImproLab Project.

Fee for participants in the workshop: 15 Euros (lunch & drinks included)

If you are interested in ‘bring in’ your creativity in this project, please email us!


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